Meet Our Team

/ Meet Our Team

Our team is international, multicultural and trilingual. In case of need, we can be reached 24/24h on our emergency numbers. Our entire team is at your service to advise and to welcome you.

We have offices in Sultanahmet in Istanbul, 
Avanos in Cappadocia and Paris, France.

Contact us for your travel plans.

Tovi DilerAhmet Diler, Kirkit
Osman Diler

Founders and directors since 1985,  the  Diler Family cares about their patrimony,
the environment and  responsable tourism.  Having chosen to remain a small and intimate agency that does not deal in mass tourism, Kirkit can offer all its attention to each individual so as to provide the best service available.

OUR ISTANBUL TEAM - Always ready to give you information.... with a smile.